Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Next up: apple butter

#9: Apple butter is messy.
After I cleaned all this up, I noticed splatters on the ceiling above the stove.
They're still there.

I'm trying to keep up my canning momentum as much as possible, with such a weather-dependent business. I feel like apple butter fits the bill because:

1. It is awesome.
2. It is delicious.
3. It is sweet, which is different from the savory pickled green beans.
4. It is something that is always better when homemade.
5. (And I think my stuff counts as "homemade.")
6. The apple season arrives after bean season has ended.
7. Apples will keep a bit and give me more wiggle room as I try to sell beans and process the butter during the same weeks.
8. Really, apple butter is awesome.

So now I'm getting some butter samples ready for Mr. PhD to approve. Since Mr. PhD is 1/2 retired and works only in fits and starts, this approval could arrive in a matter of weeks (plenty of time to roll out some jars this year) or many months (in which case, I'll be ready for next year).

Fortunately, having been through this process once before, and having other stuff keeping me busy, I'm much more calm about it this time around!

Love, J

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