Saturday, October 8, 2011

She gets her yoga moves from her mama

~ When Lily chews on the bottom of her own foot, like so, it absolutely slays me.

~ I sold almost 30 jars of beans at this weekend's craft fair. I'm still playing with the numbers to see if I can get the bucks to make sense enough to make a go of it, but in the meantime I sure do enjoy standing at a table and receiving compliments all day ; )

~ The best part of The Rachel Zoe Project has got to be how Rachel and Rog get each other ridiculous gifts like an Escalade or a $60k watch and then act so cavalier about it they may as well have just picked up a Kit Kat from the Circle K for each other a la me & the hubs.

~ G texted me this week to ask if I'd go trick-or-treating with her this year. I'd thought she was over that activity, but apparently she just needed a two year hiatus. This makes me about as happy as the above-pictured foot chewing.


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  1. Hey Jessica! I haven't been able to post comments on your blog, so hopefully this works! I will for sure be up to visiting you, I still really want to see your house, bunnies, garden, and of course you!! Let me know what day/time works best for you (between Nov 1 - 9th) and we can get it all set up! I love reading about what you have been up to!!