Monday, October 17, 2011

Last drop of sun food

It's cold, but we're still eeking by on the last of the tomatoes and other fading garden goods.

I have to remember this salad for next year, because it is awesome:

Red onion
Balsamic vinegar

Holy cow.

This week I also took a stab at eggplant parmesan. It was not good. At least, I hated it, but the hubs has been soldiering through the big dish of it all week. This is the final straw for me and eggplants. We are finished, at least as far as the garden goes.

This year I learned not to grow:

- Swiss chard (don't like it/pretty sure I'm allergic)
- Eggplant (just blech)
- Watermelons & cantaloupe (by the time they were finally ripe, it was too cold to be melon weather, and this is more of an end-of-July food)
- Beets (MAYBE I will try these again, but they seem to make my throat hurt the same way chard does)

To end on a high note, I had this awesome meal almost every day last week:

Soup = misc. tomatoes in a crock pot all day, cook them down and then hit them with the hand mixer. That's it. Serve the soup while it's still crazy-hot.

Sandwich (layer as follows):

Chopped basil
Chopped basil
Olive oil
Frying pan

Love, J

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